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18 Feb 2021

In 2016 a Sunday night family drama rocked up on our screens and has since become a firm favourite, yes I’m talking about The Durrells. If you haven’t already heard about or seen this show, I would highly recommend it. Have a ‘Durrells and chill’ night, it’s simply delightful. A big part of the success of The Durrells has been down to the shooting location, Corfu. Prior to 2016, Corfu was kind of just doing it’s thing at the back of the stage not really being noticed. However, since the hit show first aired, the Island has gained wonderful exposure. It’s breathtaking beauty along with its charm, has made it all the way back to center stage once more.  

The series will be heading into its fourth season next spring. It follows the Durrell family as they acclimatise to life in Corfu, having moved from their home in the UK in the 1930’s and is actually based on a true story. Let’s have a look at why the gorgeous filming locations have made us all yearn for a trip to Corfu.  

Corfu Town 

Let us begin at Corfu Town. Due to the varying influences of the Venetians, French and British, the town is a blend of pastel-shaded architecture with accompanying cobbled streets. It’s the heart of the island and makes you feel like you have gone back in time, to an era of historical greatness. You will be swept away by the romantic aura the town radiates, explore the various museums, take a stroll down to the gorgeous marina and have a bite to eat at a lovely taverna.

Agni Bay 

In the north-east coast of the island, lies Agni Bay. This spot is rather beautiful and provides a tranquil haven. Being a somewhat hidden paradise, you can see why certain beach scenes were filmed here. Day to day life here goes at a relaxing pace, with a small number of taverns able to provide amazing views across the bay. We all know a relaxed atmosphere makes for a great holiday.

Danilia Village 

There is a reason why the privately-owned village of Danilia, was chosen to film big parts of the show other than the secluded nature of the place, and that is its picturesque scenery. There is a charming flow to Danilia, that takes you through the narrow arches, along churches, past the squares and down to the delightful beach. This charm actually comes from the fact that it’s a replica of a traditional Corfiot village, that has been built to resemble 1930’s architecture. The James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only was also shot here. I mean, if its good enough for Bond then its surely worth booking a tour of this special place.


There is a spectacular house that features as the Durrells home, this is not actually able to be viewed by the public. However, there is still a way to get a feel of Durrell family life and that can be found in Kalami Bay. This is where Lawrence Durrell (Larry) once lived along with his wife. Their former residence the ‘White House’ can be found here, looking out at the bay. In addition to this, you can even stay here or if it’s a quick visit, you can grab a bite to eat or a drink in the house’s taverna. Who doesn’t love a cheeky drink, the kumquat liqueur is must try!

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