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18 Feb 2021


The Venice Carnival will be celebrated from 19 February to 1 March 2022. Here, is all you need to know about this exceptional event!

Every February the prominent Venice Carnival takes place and you need to book Venice carnival packages in advance. It is a most joyful, far-fetched, lively, and one of a kind events around the globe. Experiencing Venice during the carnival is an exceptional way to discover the Floating City from a diverse angle. To watch the transformation of the city and its people during the 10 days is spectacular. 

So, what is the Venice Carnival? We have put together a little review for you, the end of which will leave you wanting to don a mask and hood beneath the Bridge of Sighs. 

Plan your trip early for the Venice Carnival 2022 

  • Book your flight 

  • Discover a hotel in Venice

  • Even book your evening masked ball online

  • Venice Carnival tours offer all the above in one go 

  • And keep in mind to book in advance all your activities 

The Masks

It is unfeasible to book your Venice carnival package deals without knowing about the different types of masks. During the whole duration of the carnival, people love to wear masks and mingle with one another all in the spirit of celebration.

Carnival Events

You will be engrossed in this wonderful and out-of-this-world ambience.

Transport system in Venice

To be present at the Venice Carnival, you should also take into relation the transport. Numerous possibilities are obtainable to you:

  • Coming to Venice: Venice’s Airport is Marco Polo Airport which is almost 10 km north of the Floating City. From the airport, you can use local transport in the form of shuttles and boats.

  • Bus: There are links amid the airport and the Piazzale Roma which is positioned at Venice’s northern entry point. You can also take a bus for your travel.

  • The motoscafi: The customary water taxi that offers connections connecting the airport and the islands.

  • The train: Santa Lucia station is situated north of Venice. Once there, you can arrive at the city center by foot.

  • Car: Venice is well served by the road network however the heart of the city is not easy to get to by car, which must be parked to the exterior of the city.

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