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Paris in a day
18 Feb 2021

Paris in a day 

It may seem like doing Paris in one day might be stretching the limits of what you can achieve within such a short space of time. Yet, some seem to forget the short journey of just over an hour and if you catch that early fight well then, you’re pretty much chirping, you know being that the early bird catches the worm or in this case it would be: catches the croissant, or baguette or macaron, well you get my drift. With so many très amazing landmarks (I knew that my C- in French GCSC would come in handy someday!), fabulous food and that air of chic everywhere you turn, there is so much to experience in this magical of cities. To give you a helping hand we’ve come up with some of the top things to see & do in Paris for a day.  Although if you’re inclined to stay longer - who could blame you, or as the French would say: “Ooo cud blam yu!”.

Option 1 – Visiting the Landmarks

If it’s the Parisian Landmarks you wish to see, then begin your trip at the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre. This Basilica is located at the summit of Paris, therefore you will be treated to views that are simply très breathtaking. After you’re all viewed out, descend the hill and hop on the Metro which will take you to the L'Arc de Triomphe and at the same time you can check out the fabulous Champs Élysées. Yep that’s two birds, one stone, BOOM “Sank yu verry mooch”! So from here you can take a nice stroll along the boulevard (and at the same time have a little look around the shops) towards Place de la Concorde, where you will be able to get a great vantage point of the Eiffel Tower, or you can simply hop back on the tube and go forth to the famous landmark itself. 

After having some lunch (you have the pick of many great places to grab a bite to eat) a boat trip on the River Seine is très perfecto, with the added bonus of having the opportunity to get off at Notre-Dame or the Louvre where a certain painting with a particular smile might be worth checking out. Now you’re in the hub of Paris where museums, parks and landmarks are a stone’s throw away. To round off a wonderful day you can take a stroll along the old streets of neighbouring Le Marais and then head for a relaxing dinner. Please bear in mind that many of these major attractions bring about big queues at busy periods of the day and during peak holiday times, so be sure to keep this in mind when you book your Paris break or simply book ahead if you’re only in Paris for the day.

Option 2 – Discover the Neighborhoods 

If you crave that bit of authenticity, then why not try the Parisian way of life by exploring some of the unique neighborhoods. You can start at Pigalle. This is home to the Moulin Rouge and if you were to compare it to another place then London’s Soho comes to mind. There is some great architecture to be seen in the La Nouvelle-Athène area.

With its foot bridges that arch with grace over a canal that meets with the River Seine, the Canal Saint Martin area has a bit of greenery, imagination and urban feel to it, in equal parts. Here you can go for a nice stroll, have a picnic, do a bit of offbeat shopping or take a bike ride through this scenic quarter. You will also appreciate that this corner of Paris has made an appearance or two in some classic films such as Amélie. If you haven’t seen this film please do check it out, it’s a little gem.

10 minutes away from Canal Saint Martin and at the heart if the city center is Rue Montorgueil and Sentier. This is one of the oldest streets in Paris and with this comes a vibrant, upbeat, feel good quarter that embodies the cities best food markets and pastry shops, not forgetting the collection of chic and old school bars, cafes and eateries. Here is a fun little fact, Claude Monet the famous Impressionist painter actually depicted this street in his 1878 painting ‘The Rue Montorgueil in Paris’. I mean if it’s good enough for Monet, that’s all I’m saying. The close by Sentier area which used to be a textile district, is now filled with cafes, wine bars and unassuming streets that you can get lost in.

Option 3 – Discover the Dark side of Paris 

With its unwavering charm and idyllic ways Paris also has a dark side, the result of which comes from history and it is most intriguing. If you wish to look beyond the ‘city of love’ image and delve a little bit deeper, then you will find unique sites and areas that are well worth the visit. One such place is the Catacombs.  These are eerie underground tunnels that are lined with skulls and bones. In the late 18th century is was decided that a solution to the hygiene issues from the overflowing cemeteries was to exhume the bones of the deceased and store them in disused quarry tunnels thus becoming the Catacombs in 1810. October 31st would be a Spooktacular time to visit this extraordinary labyrinth.

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