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Welcome to Greece

A mosaic of sun-kissed islands, crumbling ruins, and luxury hotels where the ancient meets the contemporary.

Greece is, of course, the land of ancient sites and architectural treasures – the Acropolis in Athens, the amphitheatre of Epidaurus and the reconstructed palace at Knossos being among the best known.

But Greece is much more. It has something for everyone – from age-old spectacular natural sights, for instance – from Santorini’s caldera to the grey pinnacles of rock of the Meteora – to modern diversions ranging from elegant museums to luxury resorts.

As the birth place of the Olympic Games, today Greece is better known as a great place to holiday. The country attracts travellers by offering simple pleasures: delicious food at reasonable prices, local wine, beautiful beaches, sunshine, quaint villages, a seemingly endless lacework of coastline and little islands such as Kos, Kefalonia and Zante, full of scenic surprises.

On the mainland the city of Athens in the south is sprawling and overcrowded but enthrals visitors, while Thessaloniki in the north is vibrant and modern. Athens is dominated by its major landmark, the Parthenon: the remains of other wonders of ancient Greece are found mainly on the Peloponnese Peninsula, south of Corinth.

Sports enthusiasts love the Greek islands such as Corfu and Rhodes for their endless opportunities for scuba diving and sailing, while keen hikers and mountain bikers can test their stamina in the rugged mountains of the country's largest island, Crete.  

Greece and Greeks welcome with open arms the thousands of visitors that flock to admire their national assets every year - no one leaves without having been warmed, both by the sun and the hospitality.

The currency in Greece is the Euro and foreign currency can be exchanged at all banks, savings banks and bureaux de change. American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa and other major credit cards are widely accepted. You won’t have a problem getting at your money as ATMs are found in every town and in all the tourist areas. 

Chc Athina Palace Resort & Spa

Chc Athina Palace Resort & Spa

CHC Galini Sea View

CHC Galini Sea View

CHC Imperial Palace

CHC Imperial Palace

Food & Drink

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  • Ionio Restaurant

  • Oskars Restaurant


Passport & Visa

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