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An Icelandic Summer
09 Mar 2021

If you’re looking for a break from the norm (tropical climate, beaches etc.…) next summer, why not consider Iceland. You may be thinking “But it’ll be freezing”. What you might not know, is that Iceland experiences a somewhat mild climate. Hold on just a minute, now you’re thinking “mild climate hey? That means t-shirt and shorts or summer dresses…” Well, that might be heading a bit too much towards the warmer part of the ‘mild climate’ spectrum. However, with summer temperatures ranging from 4 to 21 degrees Celsius, you may get away with it, providing that the highs are reached. During the summer months, Iceland never extends to complete darkness, with the capital city Reykjavik seeing 20+ hours of daylight and in northern parts, the sun can be seen at midnight. Yes, you heard correct, a midnight sun!

There is a lot you can do in Iceland and with flights only taking a few hours, it is the perfect destination for those who want to experience many things, without having to travel thousands of miles. Here are a few highlights of things to do in the summer:

Visit Golden Falls 

Visiting the golden falls is a must, when in Iceland. You will be blown away by this waterfall and end up staring in astonishment of this wonder for hours, all be it, a little wet from the mist. Some even compare it to Niagara Falls, so you don’t even have to travel thousands of miles to be able to say, you’ve seen one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world. You can just pop down to Iceland (No, not the one down the road).

Sail on the Jökulsárlón Galcier Lagoon 

‘James Bond’ fans may recognise this lake, as it appeared in the movies; ‘Die another day’ and ‘A view to kill’. Being the largest glacial lake in Iceland, it is filled with icebergs that have broken away from the major glacier, taking their time to drift towards the ocean. During the summer months, you can take a boat ride on the lake and admire the beautiful icy views (Something to bear in mind though; if a certain James Cameron film comes on TV before your trip, you may want to pass on that).

Go whale watching 

Want to experience a brilliant atmosphere? Well, you can’t go wrong with a sighting of a whale. You’ll be able to see these magnificent marine mammals from May to September. The whales that are most commonly spotted are Minke whales, which happen to be very friendly. You may well see Blue whales, Humpback whales, Fei and Fin whales, killer whales and not forgetting dolphins. Who knows, it may even bring a tear to your eye.


For all you night owls out there, you have to fist pump your way on over to Reykjavik. The Icelandic capital, is increasingly becoming one of the most happening cities in Europe.  Along with its ever increasing club scene, you can also immerse yourself with live music, food and concerts near on every night of the week. This isn’t even the best of Reykjavik. So what is? Well, as mentioned before, during the summer months the city experiences 20+ hours of daylight. Now who wouldn’t want to marvel in that?

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