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Welcome to Italy

Where years of history, culture, and cuisine have come to a breathtaking crescendo.

Italy: to many it is the country of romance, fine art, exquisite food, high fashion and natural beauty. Its renowned cities reveal awe-inspiring architecture such as the curved arches of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence to the crumbling splendour of the Colosseum in Rome. Lovers of art revel in the visual delights from da Vinci, Michelangelo, Carvaggio and Botticelli.

Italy is a country that can offer something for everyone, from the romantic cities of Florence and Naples, to the high fashion capital of Milan; from the medieval hill towns of Tuscany to unspoilt fishing villages on the Amalfi coast.

Its stunning natural landscape provides a range of holiday possibilities. You can enjoy the turquoise waters of Sardinia’s coastline which offers some of Europe’s most beautiful stretches of beach. Whilst the snow-covered slopes of the Dolomites draw thousands of winter sports enthusiasts every year. And Venice provides one of the most stunning and inspiring romantic getaways in the world.

On the outskirts of Rome is the independent Vatican City, the seat of the Pope and home to the famous St Peter's Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. The influence of the Catholic Church on the people of Italy is as strong today as it has ever been. Throughout the year a series of holy festivals, carnivals, and parades take place in almost every city, town and village.

Of course Italy isn’t all about beautiful cities and history. Throughout the country visitors can explore vineyards to sample the excellent regional wines and trattorie where simple but delicious dishes of traditional food are served.

The currency in Italy is the Euro and you can exchange traveller’s cheques and foreign currency at banks, railways stations, airports and some major hotels. If you are using traveller’s cheques, to avoid any additional exchange rate charges you are advised to take them in Euros, Sterling or US Dollars.

ATMs are abundant and can be used to withdraw cash using both credit and debit cards. All major credit cards are widely accepted.

Food & Drink

  • Pietro Valentini Ristorante

  • Baguetteria del Fico Restaurant

  • Taverna degli Amici Restaurant

  • Ristorante Chiaroscuro

  • Pizza Zizza Caffetteria Birreria Desserteria

  • Il Corallo Restaurant

  • Il Tamburello di Pulcinella

  • Pinsere Restaurant

  • Da Fortunato Restaurant


Passport & Visa

Before travelling to Italy you should check the Visa and Passport requirements at