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Welcome to Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is home to a tropical paradise of pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, lush rainforest and colourful coral reefs.

Luxury holidays in the Indian Ocean offer a wealth of upmarket amenities within the authentic and protected national parks of these beautiful islands.

Sri Lanka, the teardrop-shaped island is filled with cultural and natural treasures. Indians, Portuguese, Dutch and British have all left their mark here, making for a delightful mix of ancient cities,
monuments and colonial architecture.

Situated south-west of Sri Lanka, close to the Equator, the Maldives’ crystal clear waters are always warm – making the country ideal for families. And most appealingly, just below the ocean’s sparkling surface is a world like no other, with fish and plants of virtually every colour, shape and size.

Mauritius is an unspoilt tropical paradise, an idyllic island
surrounded by dazzling-white palm-fringed beaches, aquamarine lagoons and pristine coral reefs. Little wonder few who visit Mauritius leave disappointed – including those famed honeymooners!

Destination in Indian Ocean

Passport & Visa

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