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The Caribbean is all about colour and light, fun and music. Famous for its white sandy beaches and many activities, holidays to the Caribbean can be as relaxed or active as you like.

Luxury holidays to the Caribbean is a dream come true. Whether it’s laid-back beaches, a hike to the summit of the Blue Mountains or visiting an old plantation, Jamaica is an island of contrasts. Relaxed Carriacou – the Carib word for ‘land of reefs’ – is the Grenadines’ most populated island, renowned for its six-mile barrier reef and active underwater volcano, Kick ‘Em Jenny. Here you will find great diving, magnificent beaches and, everywhere, breathtaking sea views. 

For many people, the main attractions in Barbados are the beaches – and there is quite a number to choose from. However, Barbados also has many land-based attractions too such as lush botanical gardens and historic plantation houses to sumptuous tropical spas and first-rate golf.

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