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Welcome to China

One of the four great ancient civilizations, China is the size of the USA or Europe, with more people than Europe and North America together. An enormous, mysterious, and beautiful land, China offers you so much to see and explore: from the Great Wall, to the skyscrapers of Shanghai, to the Roof of the World, and beyond…

To many, China is still a country that is mysterious and intriguing. Its long history is a fascination to many as are many of its sites such as the Great Wall of China, Xian’s Terracotta Army and the Forbidden City of Beijing.

As the world’s most populated country, China is incredibly diverse. From the northern flat grasslands to the western deserts, from the southern mountain peaks and their holy sites to the east coast modern cities, China holds delights for every traveler.

China is currently undergoing social and economic development with its emphasis today on tourist facilities and infrastructure. It is becoming more open to visitors, openly displaying its wealth of historical and cultural treasures. The major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are modern hubs offering fast food and chic stores juxtaposed with centuries-old historical buildings and traditional eating houses.  

The countries rapid economic growth can be seen in places like Shenzhen. In 1980 this became the first Special Economic Zone of China. Situated on the east coast, Shenzhen doesn’t have as many historical attractions as other famous cities in China but it has created a number of excellent theme parks that entertain while teaching visitors about China and the world.

This mystical land is sure to captivate the hearts of any traveler who visits. There are few places on earth that can offer such history, myth, legend, archaeological wonders, and modernity.

The currency in China is the Renminbi Yuan (CNY). Trade-in CNY is not permitted outside China but foreign banknotes and travelers cheques can be exchanged in The Bank of China. American Dollars are universally preferred to any other currency, and carrying some dollars in reserve is advisable.

Large establishments in China's major cities will usually offer facilities to use international credit cards such as Barclaycard and American Express. In rural areas, you will not be able to use your cards easily and you should carry sufficient cash in CNY for your needs.

Remember to retain all your exchange receipts during your stay in China as they will be needed if you want to change your Renminbi back into foreign currency before departure.

Food & Drink

  • Fangshan Restaurant

  • Celestial Court Restaurant

  • Xiao Wang Fu Restaurant

  • Huajia Yiyuan Restaurant

  • Xinjiang Red Rose Restaurant

  • Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

  • Lotus Root Restaurant

  • Matsuko Japanese Restaurant

  • China Grill Restaurant


Passport & Visa

Before travelling to China you should check the Visa and Passport requirements at