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Welcome to Sweden

Offering everything from deep-blue archipelagos and Northern Lights, to killer fashion, food and design, Sweden is a Nordic dream date.

Herring, ABBA, meatballs, Volvos, Ikea, Vikings, blonde hair and blue eyes are just a few of the things that spring to mind when you think of Sweden.

The tranquil Scandinavian country of Sweden is crisp and clean and offers travellers a variety of experiences. It has everything – sophisticated cities, picturesque medieval villages, coastal island archipelagos, stunning lakes, forests and the icy tundra of northern Lapland.

Stockholm is Sweden’s capital city. It encompasses 14 islands on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Clean and welcoming, it is a high-tech city with a small-town feel. It boasts top class restaurants, vibrant nightclubs, cosy pubs and a full range of performing arts. But best of all, nearly everyone you meet speaks fluent English. By far the most popular excursion with visitors is a day cruise to explore the offshore islands: the Stockholm archipelago offers some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in Europe.

Sweden has much more to offer than just its capital city. Lapland, in the north of the country and home to the Sami people, is Europe's last true wilderness. Here the Sami enjoy showing visitors their way of life centred on their reindeer herds. Gotland, (historic Visby is its tourist centre) is a blend of rural bliss and extraordinary history, and Gothenburg is famous for being a vibrant and exciting destination in its own right. Malmö, the Green City, and Karlskrona are hidden gems.  

The west coast is home to numerous fishing villages and if you are a history buff you’ll love Uppsala, the ancient Viking city where the newest buildings date from the 18th century. But for those of you who enjoy something a bit different a novel excursion is a visit up north to the Ice Hotel, sculpted from ice every winter in Lapland.  

The unit of currency in Sweden is the Swedish Krona (SEK). Currency can be converted at FOREX foreign exchange agencies (found in major cities, airports, ferry terminals etc). All major credit cards are accepted and ATMs are widely available. Some shops and restaurants may also require sight of ID if you pay by credit card.

Traveller’s cheques are widely accepted and a nominal fee is charged when paying with them. When it comes to exchanging them, to avoid additional exchange rate charges you are advised to take with sterling, US Dollar or Euro ones.

Passport & Visa

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