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Welcome to Slovakia

Slovakia is a contrast of ages.

Slovakia is one of Europe’s youngest nations. It gained independence in 1993 when Czechoslovakia split into the Czech and Slovak republics. Today’s holidaymakers are now beginning to explore Slovakia’s beautiful scenery, ski resorts and historic towns.

Sitting in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is completely landlocked. The country is largely made up from a vast expanse of mountains and forested valleys.

The Tatra Mountains are proving to be a popular destination year round offering skiing in winter and hiking and climbing in summer. For those tourists looking for relaxation and pampering, the country provides numerous mineral springs and natural spas. For those who enjoy natural beauty, history and architecture, scattered among the hills and valleys of the lowlands are numerous fortified castles, relics from the Middle Ages built as protection from invaders. Some of the greatest architectural treasures, however, are the ancient wooden churches in northeast Slovakia, unique in their construction without nails, and still in use today.

Slovakia’s centre for the arts and culture is the capital city, Bratislava. Tourists who explore the city are treated to numerous museums, art galleries, palaces and ornamental churches.

More and more tourists are discovering this European gem each year. They are drawn by its culture, history, natural beauty and, of course, by the warm welcome of the Slovak people.

In January 2009 Slovakia began using the Euro. Foreign currency and traveller’s cheques can be exchanged at bureaux de change, main hotels, all banks, road border crossings and major travel agencies. If you are using traveller’s cheques, to avoid additional charges, take Euro, UD Dollar or sterling cheques.

All the major credit and debit cards are widely accepted and ATMs are also found in most areas.

Passport & Visa

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