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Welcome to Beijing

The capital city of China and a well- known city with historical, cultural and modern sightseeing

Beijing (formerly Peking) is the capital of the People's Republic of China. It is situated in northern China close to Tianjin Municipality and also, in part, surrounded by Hebei Province.

Home to nearly 14 million people, it is a bustling modern city. However, despite its international hotels and high-rise buildings, it is also home to many attractions, historical and cultural.

When many people think of Beijing they think of the Great Wall of China, The Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace , and the Forbidden City. The latter lies at the heart of Beijing with the rest of the city radiating out from it in a grid pattern. This incredible palace was home to numerous emperors and functioned as the administrative center of the country. Overlooking Tiananmen Square, it is the epitome of the city.

The city underwent numerously modernizations for the 2008 Olympics making improvements to the public transport system as well an environmental clean-up.

With history, culture, modernity, fantastic shopping and a buzzing nightlife, Beijing is an incredible city just waiting to be explored.  


Beijing has four very distinct seasons, with a wide temperature variation between winter (down to well below freezing) and summer. During the height of summer (July and August) Beijing is subject to sudden evening downpours of rain. Spring, (February to April) tends to be warm and windy while autumn (August to October), is regarded as the best season to visit because of its blue skies, mild temperatures, and slight humidity.


The average monthly temperatures are:











































If you love shopping, you’ll fall in love with Beijing. Unlike many cities, just because it has a wealth of culture and history doesn’t mean that there is a lack of shopping opportunities. The main area is Wangfujing Dajie where you’ll find numerous outlets for clothing, souvenirs, department stores, and the Oriental Plaza Shopping Mall.


If your the pocket can stretch to it, the China World Centre, Penninsula Hotel Plaza and Guomao Shopping Mall (which includes a basement ice rink) is home to the more upmarket stores.


Beijing Curio The city is the place to go for antiques and curios whereas in south Beijing, Liulichang is a wonderfully atmospheric area for antiques, art, and calligraphy.


For the bargain hunters amongst you, Xiu Shui Jie Shopping Mall and Xiu Shui Market are great for affordable holiday shopping.

Food & Drink

  • No Name Restaurant

  • Made In China Restaurant

  • Xiao Wang Fu Restaurant

  • Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

  • Jazz Ya Restaurant

  • China Grill Restaurant

  • Red Capital Club Restaurant

  • Fangshan Restaurant

  • Lotus Root Restaurant



Entertainment in Beijing can be divided into 2 categories – there is the traditional opera, music and acrobatic shows, and the modern clubs and bars.


If you enjoy the more traditional delights, the tea houses in Beijing are growing in popularity as venues for traditional music and entertainment. The Tianqiao area in particular is well worth a visit, especially Tianqiao Theatre and Tianqiaoe Tea House in the Xuanwu District. Other venues worth a mention are (details about what’s on can be found in Beijing This Month):


  • Laoshe Tea House
  • Liyuan Theatre
  • Wansheng Theatre, Xuanwu District (especially for acrobats)
  • Huguang Huiguan Ancient Opera Building, Xuanwu District
  • Beijing Concert Hall, Xicheng District
  • Beijing People’s Art Theatre


For those looking for a livelier night-scene, the Sanlitun Pub Street (Chaoyang District) is the place to go for pubs and bars (also the up and coming Hou Hai Bar Area). Some names to look out for are:


  • VICS, Chaoyang District
  • JJ Bar, Dongcheng District
  • Hugo Club, Haidian District
  • Banana, Chaoyang District
  • Rock n’Roll, Chaoyang District
  • Club Fusion, Chaoyang District

festivals month

  • January

    Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice & Snow Festival
  • February

    Beijing Longqing Gorge Ice & Snow Festival, Chinese New Year
  • April

    Ch'ing Ming (Qingming)
  • June

    Dragon Boat Festival, Daxing Watermelon Festival
  • July

    Daxing Watermelon Festival
  • September

    Mid Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)
  • October

    Mid Autumn Festival (Moon Festival), Double Ninth Festival and Beijing International Marathon


Beijing is a captivating city with numerous things to see and do during your stay. However, you may wish to explorer afield during your stay and see what else this part of China has to offer. Here are just a few highlights you could enjoy during your stay.


  • The Great Wall of China
  • Ming Tombs
  • Chengde
  • Zhoukoudian Cave
  • Fragrant Hills

Health & Safety

You will be expected to pay for any medical treatment you undergo whilst in Beijing therefore you are strongly recommended to ensure you have sufficient medical insurance in place before traveling.


The tap water is not considered safe to drink and you are therefore advised to drink bottled water. Crime is not considered a major problem but you should take the usual precautions when in busy areas.