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Welcome to Madeira

With exceptional natural beauty, mild climate throughout the year, friendly population and a top-quality hotel network, Madeira, this inhabited island, is the perfect Island for those seeking stress-free holidays.

The Portuguese island of Madeira is located 600 miles southwest of Lisbon, off the west coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is actually the summit of an undersea mountain and features one of the world's highest ocean cliffs, soaring 589m above the sea. 

Madeira continues to thrill thousands of tourists a year with its dramatic landscapes that have earned it the nickname 'Pearl of the Atlantic'. Its rich volcanic soil, mild climate and abundant rainfall have helped create the contrasting landscapes of lush river valleys, terraced hillsides planted with vines and bananas and dense forest.

It is a walker’s paradise and the most enjoyable way to explore the island is to follow the course of the levadas (irrigation channels) that crisscross the countryside.

Madeira doesn’t have any natural beaches although in Calheta and Ribeira Brava both have man made beaches making both resorts great for a relaxing holiday of sun and sand. The capital city, Funchal, offers culture, natural beauty, shopping and nightlife. If you want something quieter, Sao Vincente and Machico offer tranquillity, stunning walks and breath-taking scenery.

But if you enjoy water sports, golf and walking, head for Canico De Baixo which can offer this and much more.

The official currency on Madeira is the Euro. There are numerous banks, bureaux de change and ATMs available in the main cities and tourist destinations and major credit cards are widely accepted, as are traveller’s cheques.